Go for a walk to the bison reserve. Fresh air, interesting excursion and bisons will charm both children and adults.

The reserve was founded in 1945 and spread out on the left bank terraces of the Oka River Valley. Three years later, there was established the Central bison reserve to revive these almost extinct species of the largest animals on the European continent. Here you can find the bison in their natural habitat. The reserve has also become home to elks, boars, deer, hares, beavers, squirrels, wolves and many other animals.

Do you want to have a look at the real forest outside Moscow? Go to the eco-trail, running at an altitude of 8 meters in the form of bridges connected by observation platforms. There is a ‘Tree – House’ eco-park for families with children. Here during a game, you can learn about the life of a tree, insects, birds, animals and other animals inhabiting the soil, trunks and crowns. The complex of rope crossings includes four routes of different levels of complexity at heights from 1 to 6 meters for adults and children from 4 years.