Children nowadays seem hard to impress… Except for our superheroes! We will unveil the world of aviation to them and probably will raise a dream of becoming a pilot! Believe us, here it happens too often.  

Our pilots will organize an interesting excursion to on board of plane and to the aircraft hangars. They will also let the children try pilot’s glasses and take the wheel!

You can leave your smartphone at home: a professional photographer will capture sincere emotions of your child. The professional studio will decorate design the Aero Club for the holiday. Together with the experienced chefs we will develop the menu to suit children's taste, decorate a sweet buffet in aviation theme and bake the most delicious cake, matching the concept of the holiday.

Your children don’t like to play with kid’s entertainers?  We will engage them in the competitions and games following the aviation theme. Not a single child has ever stayed indifferent!
We’ve got an idea!
Combine a holiday for future aviators with a walk in the bisons reserve. Fresh air, an interesting excursion, and bisons will charm both children and adults!