Hey! Seeing off a bachelor to a happy family life? There definitely must be a great bachelor party!  Test your most reliable friends during a paintball fight, a football match or rent some tennis courts.

Need more extreme? Love exhilarating impressions? Take on board of an aircraft and challenge yourself with an aerobatic flight program with our reliable pilots. Do you have the guts to take the wheel?

End your party with a barbeque at the airfield or play billiards. Go to a sauna or Russian ‘banya’ (steam bath). We will close the loft for your holiday so that nobody disturbs you when you say adieu to your bachelor’s life!
We’ve got an idea!
What a party it is if guests start leaving as evening falls? We will accommodate everyone in comfortable and stylish hotel rooms or in the cottages. Enjoy a good night’s sleep with our pure forest air! In the morning, you can indulge yourself at a substantial breakfast and go fishing.