Anniversaries are wonderful. Especially when there is no need to bother your head about how to celebrate this important date. Come to Novinki, here we create stunning and memorable events! Are you 20, 30 or maybe 50? Today is the day to make wishes come true!

We will arrange a welcoming cocktail party for those who are hard to impress. Take your guests on board a light aircraft for a sightseeing flight, an aerobatic flight or participate in a true airshow? Bright emotions are the key to an unforgettable party!

Call us and we will take care of all the organization issues. We will arrange the banquette, approve the menu with you, choose professional event host and photographer and provide for musical entertainment. We also work with creative decorators, devising every detail of your party and making your anniversary stylish and beautiful. Make yourself at home: we close the venue for your holiday, so that strangers cannot disturb you!
All the guests will be accommodated in comfortable and stylish hotel rooms or in the cottages.
We’ve got an idea!
Play billiards or spend time with your friends at the open veranda, watching the planes landing and taking off from the very edge of the airfield. An aerodrome is the best place for making wishes and do planning for your next year! All our dreams come true, and yours?